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Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Beta Ray Bill & Ulik

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Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Beta Ray Bill & Ulik

Dostępność: 72h

Cena: 174,00 zł

Players can shatter mountains and break storms in their games of Marvel: Crisis Protocol with the new characters introduced in Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Beta Ray Bill & Ulik pack!   After proving himself to none other than Odin in a duel with Thor, Beta Ray Bill was awarded his own magic hammer for his bravery. Now he travels the galaxy as the defender of all who seek his help, no matter which realm they hail from. Joining him is Ulik, the strongest and fiercest of all Rock Trolls. Armed with knuckle dusters made from the same metal as Thors mighty hammer, Ulik wont stop swinging until his foes are smashed to dust. Alongside the beautifully sculpted miniatures of these characters, this pack also includes three Team Tactic cards that unlock even more ways for players to use them in battle.

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