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Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Blade & Moon Knight

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Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Blade & Moon Knight

Dostępność: 72h

Cena: 140,00 zł

Two new heroes join the fray to battle darkness in Marvel: Crisis Protocol! Born while the vampire Deacon Frost fed on his mother, Eric Brooks had a portion of the vampiric condition passed on to him. He uses the abilities of this infection to destroy vampires as Blade, a super-powered hunter who possesses the strengths of vampire kind while having none of their weaknesses.   Meanwhile, Marc Spector is Moon Knight, the Fist of Khonshu. A supernatural crime-fighter with powers tied to the cycles of the moon, he uses every tool at his disposal to fight darkness with darkness. In addition to their abilities, they also bring three new Team Tactics Cards to Crisis Protocol, giving players the chance to explore even more combinations.

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